How to wrap text around an picture?

There are 3 ways to do it:

  1. Create indents manually with Space bar or Tab button.
  2. Insert multiple text boxes.
  3. Insert a Word document.

The easiest and least professional is the first option:

  • Right-click picture
  • Choose Send to back
  • Press Space bar or Tab key to unhide picture and wrap text around the picture
  • Repeat it until text will be looking nice

Neon Text Effect

Neon text Effect

  1. Go to the ribbon to the Home tab.
  2. From the Drawings click Text Box.
  3. Insert it into your slide and write something down.
  4. Select the whole text.
  5. Right click and choose Format Shape.
  6. From the menu which appeared on the right side of the screen choose Text Options.
  7. Click Text Outline.
  8. Choose Solid Line.
  9. Set Color to something light such as yellow.
  10. Set Width to 5 pt.
  11. In Text Options go to Text Effects (second A letter).
  12. Expand Glow.
  13. In Presets choose Gold (you can choose something else).
  14. You can descrease Glow‘s Size if you want.
  15. Go to the ribbon to the Home tab again.
  16. From the Drawings click Rectangle.
  17. Insert big rectangle into your slide to hide the Text Box.
  18. In Shape Fill choose some dark color such as black.
  19. Set Shape Outline to No Outline.
  20. Right click the Rectangle and choose Send to Back option.
  21. Your text will shine like a neon.

How to autofit text?

There is a useful feature when PowerPoint autofit your text. See how to use it:

  1. Go to ribbon to the Insert tab.
  2. Click Text Box.
  3. Click inside a slide where you want to put your text.
  4. Type your text inside a text box.
  5. On the right side Format Shape menu appeared. Click Size & Properties (3rd button).
  6. In Text Box there is an option Resize shape to fit text. Check it.

Note: Autofit is really important when you will launch your presentation on different screen resolutions. Be aware that your slide will look on the other resolution or on widescreen.