Change the size of slides

  1. Go to the ribbon to the Design tab.
  2. Click Slide Size button and select Custom Slide Size from the list.
  3. Here you can set size of slides. Pay special attention to Widht and Height.

Note: You can save your settings as a template. To do that on Design tab click arrow down and use Save Current Theme option. Since now you have your own template to use.

How to compress pictures to reduce file size?

  1. Insert a picture.
  2. Go to ribbon to Format tab (make sure you selected a picture).
  3. Click Compress Pictures.
  4. New window pops out. You can compress your images here.
  5. Disable Apply only to this picture option you compress all images.
  6. Enable Delete cropped areas of pictures to get rid of cropped parts from the presentation.
  7. Choose the lowest Target output.

Tip: Don’t descrease Target output when you will show your presentation on huge screen.