Neon Text Effect

Neon text Effect

  1. Go to the ribbon to the Home tab.
  2. From the Drawings click Text Box.
  3. Insert it into your slide and write something down.
  4. Select the whole text.
  5. Right click and choose Format Shape.
  6. From the menu which appeared on the right side of the screen choose Text Options.
  7. Click Text Outline.
  8. Choose Solid Line.
  9. Set Color to something light such as yellow.
  10. Set Width to 5 pt.
  11. In Text Options go to Text Effects (second A letter).
  12. Expand Glow.
  13. In Presets choose Gold (you can choose something else).
  14. You can descrease Glow‘s Size if you want.
  15. Go to the ribbon to the Home tab again.
  16. From the Drawings click Rectangle.
  17. Insert big rectangle into your slide to hide the Text Box.
  18. In Shape Fill choose some dark color such as black.
  19. Set Shape Outline to No Outline.
  20. Right click the Rectangle and choose Send to Back option.
  21. Your text will shine like a neon.

How to create 3D Arrow?

  1. Go to ribbon to the Insert tab.
  2. Click Shapes and expand the drop-down list.
  3. From arrows choose the one you like the most eg. Curved Down Arrow which is in Block Arrows section.
  4. Right click inserted arrow and click Format Shape.
  5. Format Shape menu appears on the right on the screen. Here you can change something with your arrow.
  6. Click Effects (small symbol of pentagon). With 3-D Format and 3-D Rotation you can make your arrow more 3D.
  7. There are many more options to change. Inscreasing the Size of Glow looks nice.

Adding borders to slide

Let’s see how to add a border to a slide in your PowerPoint presentation. Follow these steps to do that:

  1. Go to the ribbon to the Insert tab.
  2. Click Shapes button and choose the Rectangle shape.
  3. Drag it to draw a rectangle almost as large as the slide.
  4. Right click this rectangle.
  5. Select Format Shape option.
  6. Format Shape menu appears on the right side.
  7. To remove a rectangle’s background click Fill tab and next No Fill.
  8. You can change the border’s color. Click Line tab and change the Color.

You’ve just created a border to your slide.


How to format the text?

You should format your text to make presentation more beautiful and professional. Here it is how to do that.

  1. Select the text you want to format.
  2. Go to ribbon to the Drawning Tools menu Format tab.
  3. Click Text Outline and choose the colour.
  4. Select Weight and Dashes.
  5. If you chose More Lines new menu Format Shape will appear. There is plenty of configuration possibilities.

Note: You can also format shapes the same way.