Recording your own audio

It happens that you are not able to present slides in person. Then you may need recording a presentation. To do that just follow these steps:

  1. First you should prepare a microphone which will record yourd voice.
  2. Go to ribbon to the Slide Show tab.
  3. Click an aroow below Record Slide Show button.
  4. Chose if you want to Start Recording From Beginning or Start Recording from Current Slide.
  5. New dialog box pops up. Be cure both check boxes are checked and click Start Recording.
  6. Keep recording. When just finish just close recording.
  7. You can listen to it again. Just move mouse over loudspeaker icon.

Since now you have your own narration.

Hiding the sound icon

Sound icon is visible during presentation. If it annoying you or you want to just hide this icon this is how to manage it.

  1. Go to ribbon to the Insert tab.
  2. Click Audio and insert a sound you like.
  3. Go to ribbon to the Audio Tools menu.
  4. Select Playback tab.
  5. Tick Hide During Show checkbox.

Note: Remember to set the sound playing in the background or triggered the other way. It;s impossible to manually play this sound when the icon is hidden.

Playing an audio clip across slides

  1. Audio sounds stop playing after going to the next slide. But there is a way to keep sound.
  2. Insert an Audio to the slide.
  3. Select your Audio.
  4. Go to the ribbon to the Audio Tools menu.
  5. Select Playback tab and click Play in Background button.
  6. Now you will keep the sound after going through slides.

Note: Remember not to play annoying sounds. It could distract people during presentation.