How to view a list of animations currently on the slide?

In PowerPoint 2013 application you can easily view a list of all animations and format them.

  1. Select your slide by clicking it.
  2. Go to the ribbon to the Animations tab.
  3. Click Animation Pane button.
  4. The list of all animations currently on the slide pops up on the right side of the screen.

Tip: You can modify order and speed of animation and ways how it start.

How to add transitions to a PowerPoint presentation?

  1. Go to the ribbon to the Transitions tab.
  2. Select the slide for which you want this transition.
  3. Select one from transitions which you like the most.
  4. Click Effect Options button and select one of them.
  5. Untick On Mouse Click checkbox or leave this checkbox ticked.
  6. Select After and set the time if you want your transition to be triggered itself after time you set.
  7. Click Apply to All button if you want to set this transition for all slides.

Tip: On the right side of your screen you can see the Animation Pane menu. You can right click it and select Effect Options to have more options of your transition.