Keyframe animations in just 10 steps

Keyframe animation is duplicating slides and making a slight adjustment to the object for every next slide. To make it just follow these 10 easy steps:

  1. Sit and imagine how your animation should look like. Imagine the whole story.
  2. Think about objects, background and animations on the slides.
  3. Create your first slide with all of your objects.
  4. Group them all into one object. Go to the ribbon to the Home tab to do that.
  5. Click Arrange button and choose Group from the list.
  6. Right click on your slide and select Duplicate Slide.
  7. On the second slide move your objects.
  8. Continue making slight adjustments to the objects for every next slide.
  9. After all slides are done just click one slide. Press CTRL + A to select all slides.
  10. Go to the ribbon to the Transitions tab. In Advance Slide set After 00:00.15 and Duration 01.00.

Next only start your slide show and enjoy your keyframe animations in PowerPoint.

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