How to save PowerPoint presentation as video?

1. After creating a presentation click File button and export it. To export it as a movie, go to the menu, then just select Export.

2. Next select the Create Video. On the right side will show the configuration options associated with the export process.

3. From the drop-down menu, select among other things, the resolution of a film. Depending on the destination, there are three options:

  • Computer & HD Displays
  • Internet & DVD
  • Portable Devices

4. If you want to send a video via the Internet, you should choose the second option. Otherwise, you may be tempted to high resolution in order to obtain a film with excellent quality.

5. Decide also whether to use timing. This is nothing else but the mouse pointer registered and narrative – helpful for some presentations. To activate this option, you must first create the appropriate timing. To do this, select Record timing and narration. If you do not need to use this function, go further.


6. At the end you must specify how many seconds a slide presentation to be displayed. The default is 5 seconds, but the value that you can modify.

7. When all parameters are set correctly, press the Create video.

8. Select the location where you want to save the video and specify the format (optional MP4 and WMV). Prepared in this way, the video is ready to share.

Tip: If the size does not match your preferences, you can later convert. There are plety of applications in the Internet which let you do that.